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All The Way Travel - Cheating and misleading

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18 de maio 2017

I sincerely ask for your help, as we were cheated by travel agency in our last trip in 6th and 7th of May.
I want to complain our travel agency, ALL THE WAY TRAVEL, who provided us a trip to Quinta do Portal. We were cheated by them, as they arranged us to a different accommodation from the one was mentioned in the contract and travel schedule.
In our contract and travel plan, it discribe our accommodation as ‘Transfer to Quinta das Pipas(**) * PROIBIDO *:// ’. In this website you will see many beautiful pictures of CASA DAS PIPAS. We were attracted by those pictures and then decided to accept the travel contract and schedule. We believed that we could live in CASA DAS PIPAS with all the assets attaching to this nice house, but actually we were cheated and misled by the information ALL THE WAY TRAVEL provided. We had never imaged that the agency had reserved the rooms for us in another annex of the farm, called CASA DO LAGAR. We felt so sad, disappointed and even being discriminated when we were asked to leave CASA DAS PIPAS to another distant building without any assets nearby. All the assets we were served in Casa do Lagar are a microwave and a bridge. The other assets the agency showed us, including swimming pool, panoramic living room, fitness room, wine library and even WiFi, are all almost 200 meters away! Furthermore, the rooms in Casa do Lagar are in such bad condition, small, damp, dark, dirty and noisy during the whole night, which made all of us feeling sick and suffering a lot. That’s ALL THE WAY TRAVEL who should take all the responsibility. As an agency they must know all the difference and details between two buildings, but they never told us the truth. The only things they tried to do is cheating and misleading us to believe that we were going to live in Casa das Pipas with all the assets could be used conveniently. Then they made us to pay a high price for the trip, but stay in terrible but cheaper Casa do Lagar, which definately helped them to get more benifit.
In fact, we tried to talk with ALL THE WAY TRAVEL after the trip and asked for refund and compensation, but they only want to find excuses for complains without any formal apologies. The only answer we received from ALL THE WAY TRAVEL is, ‘We want reclarify that in any moment our supplier informed us that you will not stay in the main building.’ Obviously, they want to pass the responsibility to their supplier and deny our contract and the truth. We feel so helpless that we’d like to ask for your help.
As tourists, we were truly hurted. I hope this experience had never happened and will not happen again to other tourists, or it’s really a pity for the award of the best European destination in 2017 of Porto.
Looking forward your help and justice.

Data de ocorrência: 18 de maio 2017
All The Way Travel
10 de julho 2017
A All The Way Travel, prestou um serviço de qualidade a este comprador, antes, durante e no após à sua viagem.
Tivemos o cuidado de lhe resolver problemas, com os quais não tinhamos qualquer responsabilidade, nomeadamente a troca de uma garrafa de vinho do Porto, que compraram erradamente, etc..
Com toda a simpatia e profissionalismo, que nos é peculiar, tentamos resolver a questão com o cliente que, só quis tirar dividendos da situação que relata e para a qual agradecemos que tenha a atitude de se RETRATAR, por escrito neste portal.
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