Clínica Sorria

Clínica Sorria

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Clínica Sorria - Experiência pouco profissional

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Joana apresentou a reclamação

This episiods happened on the Sorria clinic at Estoril!!

I bought an experience by Odisseias, last week, that would allow me to loss at least 6 to 10cent. of waist. The pack included 6 treatments, which are divided into 3 sessions of 40 minutes each.

On the day of my evaluation, the assistant explained that in order to loss efficitaly the waist line, it would be a better deal, if I'd compact the number of sessions increasing the time in each on of them burning faster the fat line. So in other words, 30 minutes of each treatment would make a full hour of treatments.
Since it was the first time of doing such treatment and having a profissional, in who I trusted (since I fingered she must know best), I agreed on her terms.
I did my first session and found it odd since I only did 40 minutes of treatments! I didn't comment at the time...
On my second session, the exact same thing happened! I couldn't believe that they had fooled me. In the end, I did 2 sessions for 40 minutes each, lossing a hole completly 40minutes sessions because they trick you to believe in one thing when in the end what they just want is to spare a day of another session, even though you have paid for a whole 3 session pack!!

I find this very unprofissonal just to spare a day of session and unloyal. Plus, I had my assistant always running from 1 treatment to another, causing time loss... Which I believe that they have a reduce number of staff for their workplace.

And this is the reason why I decided to leave me testimony.

PS: They lack in cleaning & higienic matters! I'll never step foot again at this clinic

27 ago 2020
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