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Contigo Energia - Painéis solares

Arlindo Vicente
Arlindo Vicente apresentou a reclamação
11 de maio 2022
March 14, 2022.
I'm in Canada.
Initial contact with Contigo Energia to schedule a virtual meeting after providing them with all relevant documents required to install solar panels.
April 8, 2022
After virtual meeting, new quote sent.
April 9
Quote sent back, signed.
April 12
40% requested to proceed.
April 13
40% of total amount paid via bank transfer to buy materials.
Bank confirms payment made.
April 16
I arrive in Portugal
Email sent to ask status
April 18
Payment confirmed by Contigo. No other info given
April 25
Confirmation material has been purchased and on it's way to installer
April 29
Email sent to ask status. Call made to office in Lisbon. No answer
Email responded to. There is a delay in supply of inverters. Will let me know as soon as they arrive
May 5
Email sent. I'm returning to Canada on May 11. I have to make arrangements if installation is not made by then.
May 6
They inform me all materials are available. My installation is a top priority.
May 10
Email sent. No response.
Data de ocorrência: 11 de maio 2022
Contigo Energia
18 de maio 2022
Dear Mr. Vicente,

Thank you very much for your comment.

We apologise for any inconvennience caused in scheduling your installation, we ususally take one month to schedule, after we receive the first payment, but since we suffered some downs in our teams and due to a huge volume of work, we were not able to do it before, as we would like to do it.
We have programmed you installation to take place on may 23rd.

We can't wait to start it!

Kind regards,
Contigo Energía
Arlindo Vicente
4 de junho 2022
Contigo Energia finally gave me the phone number of the installer who I had to contact directly.( It shouldn't have been my job to do this) The installation date of May 23 was confirmed and I had to arrange for a relative to allow access to the house since I was already in Canada.
I was sent photos later that day of 4 panels on the roof and some wiring going to my panel.
Contigo has sent an invoice for the remaining amount but I have no idea if everything I ordered was in fact installed. The installers should send photos of what they did not only for the client's sake but for the company itself to verify that the work has been completed as requested. This remains to be done. Is there an app to monitor the electricity being produced? What about the government rebates? No answer yet. I await their response.
Arlindo Vicente
19 de junho 2022
Still no response from the company.
Contigo Energia
28 de junho 2022
Dear Mr Vicente,

Thank you very much for your complaint.
We only have been able to responde now, since we were working together internally with the installation team. The reason why he sent photos, was to give you a visual feedback of what has been done.
By now, you shall have received a document named Ata, this document is the show you how the installation was placed: which equipments were use, models, were the cables passed through, what has been done to the main fuse box of the house.
This document is for you and for us.

Yes, there is na app: please check on your mail box if you received fromEnphase na username and password, it can happen that instead of going to your main box, for some reason can go to Spam box, have a look on this one as well.

Regarding the funds from the government: at the present time there none running. We are waiting to see if a new program is open.

Please let us know any other doubts.

Kind regards,
Arlindo Vicente
2 de julho 2022
The initial photos were not sent by the installer. They were sent by the person I had arranged to meet the installer after their work was done on May 23. I was called on June 22 for access to the house again to install some missing component? Once again, I had to scramble to find someone to allow access to the home. I eventually did receive photos by the installer on June 24th to show the work had been completed, finally?
As for which app I use to monitor the solar panels, nothing has been sent. My panels were registered on the governmental energy site DGEG but no other info has been sent.
It took Contigo 24 days to respond to my last post. Unbelievable...
Contigo Energia
14 de julho 2022
Dear Mr. Vicente,

Thank you very much for your mail.

The registation on DGEG and no other info was given, since the funds from the government are not running at the moment.
The installer has explained that he needs to place a new envoy. We have already sent him this equipment, now we are just are waiting for him to schedule with you to place it in your house.

We hope to get this done as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
Contigo Energía.
Arlindo Vicente
10 de agosto 2022
The installer called me again to gain access to my house to replace a faulty unit. Why is Contigo leaving it up to the installers to speak to clients to resolve problems with their equipment? Once again I had to scramble to find someone to gain access to my house. I have asked these same questions by responding to Contigo's email's directly with no response. WHAT APP DO I USE TO MONITOR THE PANELS?????
They only seem to respond when placed in a public complaint forum like this one.
Arlindo Vicente
Arlindo Vicente avaliou a marca
27 de agosto 2022

A comunicação é o maior problema desta empresa. Se você não mantiver seus clientes informados, eles ficarão frustrados e irritados. Eu não os usaria novamente.

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