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CSTech Portugal - Want a refund

Damien apresentou a reclamação
11 de novembro 2022
Good morning Cstech is the worst company ive ever purchased from! They gave up replying to me ! I wanted a refund for a battery that i purchased from them! They knew it was almost 14 days and they never replied to me ! So i couldnt get a refund! Customer services is absolute sh!t they DO NOT CARE! If this isnt resolved before wednesday im taking them to a small claims court ! And i will win!
Data de ocorrência: 11 de novembro 2022
CSTech Portugal
11 de novembro 2022
Dear customer, we have always replied to you and we have emailed since your first contact our address and return instructions.
You had several time to make the return and you still haven't shipped the item to us, how do you wan't us to provide any assistance if you are not willing to return the item?
Meanwhille over 30 days have been passed since the delivery of the product (11 of october) and we are still waiting for the product to be returned.
Since the order has been delivered for more then 30 days please be advised that you are only ilegible to the exchange of the faulty goods, that means we will exchange your product for a new one free of cost under the warranty.
Best regards
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