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Correio Postal e Expresso

Telefone: 707262626

Av. D. João II, n.º 13
1999-001 LISBOA



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CTT - Custom clearance

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Suraj Adhikari apresentou a reclamação

My parcel is held in custom Lisboa. They asked me a document for the process. I send them all they asked. I was told they will contact me if needed or they will send my parcel. Few days I didn’t get any notification then I called ctt customer Care, there they told me that they forget to forward my document for clearance purpose. And they told me they will send right away. I got a notification That the document has sent to custom. It’s been few days there is no other notification that if my parcel is cleared or I need to give more document for getting cleared. Now I don’t get reply for my email as well. This way how ctt customer care justify name customer care. I would like to know what’s going on with my parcel. It was a gift from my family and everyday I get massage if I have receive my parcel and ctt is torturing me bystaying silent.

23 Mai2018
CTT adicionou uma resposta

Dear customer,

Thank you for contacting us.
In order to investigate your claim we need the following information to reclamacoes@ctt.pt

Portal da Queixa Subject: CTT - Custom clearance
Portal da Queixa reference: 19022118
Name (recipient) :
Address (recipient):
Tracking Number(s) of object(s):

In case you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
You may speak to one of our customer service advisors on + 351 707 26 26 26 (Lines are open from 8am - 10pm, Monday to Saturday) or you may find all information about CTT products and services, Zip Code Search, Track & Trace and more at the website www.ctt.pt

Thank you for choosing CTT.

Best regards,
David Alves

24 Mai2018
Suraj Adhikari adicionou uma resposta

I mailed to Reclamações@ctt.pt as you said still I got nothing. I contacted to custom office and they told me my document is still not submitted to custom office for clearance process. But I always get reply like “your documents is currently being analyzed” from ctt, what does it even means and who is analyzing it for so many day for just one parcel. Is been more days then I was informed it will take.

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