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Deeply - Poorly made wetsuits and terrible customer service

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Megumi apresentou a reclamação

I ordered a 4/3 wetsuit with 1 year warranty. Only after a week it made a small rip. I was concerned that it may be defected product but did not want to make an immediate decision to send in for warranty. After 2 months it became unbearable to surf because there were more rips and some seams were not glued anymore. I became certain that the wetsuit I received is a defected product because I have owned other suits before and nothing broke like this and so fast! The very experienced surfers around me (who also see me putting on / off the suits) also told me that it should not break like this with the way I use.

I sent a claim to Deeply with close-up pictures of the parts that are broken so the company can access it. The support team answered that I should send the wetsuits to their repair center, so I was relieved. My boyfriend also did the same recently to another wetsuit company and they confirmed through email about free repair before having to send in. So I was expecting that the case is already solved. No, I was wrong... The support team did not even say anything for more than 1 week, I was waiting anxiously, worried if the wetsuit really arrived to them. They wrote to me finally, and told me that the broken wetsuit is my fault and that I have to pay them 45 euros! Since I already sent them detailed pictures, and how could they not tell me that they won't fix it with warranty before I sent? I realized that they told me to send in the wetsuit so they can tell me it is my fault and take even more money from me!

The process of sending in was also horrible. They sent me the wrong shipping label and wrong drop off location. So I went to one of the location that Deeply told me to drop off, the people there rejected me telling me that the label is for different shipping company. There was not many locations around Lisbon, so I had to take the transport and spend decent amount of time for this. The people at the wrong drop-off location kindly advised me to search drop off locations of the company that the shipping label that I received from Deeply belong to. I had to travel again and spend even more time to finally drop it off at the correct location. I was so disappointed about this and felt what they did to me was unethical as I got exposed to different public transports, stores and crowded streets during the pandemic and travel restrictions, just because they sent me a wrong information.

Deeply's 1 year warranty is not because their products are well made. It is because they can sell poorly-made wetsuit to customers, lure them to send them in to the repair center (without telling them that they actually won't fix it for free) and charge them even more money! I did not imagine there are wetsuit companies that take advantage of customers like this! I was hoping that my wetsuit was a defect. I chose Deeply because I love Portugal and I want to support Portuguese companies. But if the evaluation team decided that the wetsuit I received is not defect, I have to say other Deeply suits are made the same way... a very poor quality that does not match the price. The responses and mistakes I got from the support team also showed me that Deeply does not abide by the things that they advertise on their website regarding the quality of products, warranty and customer support. I am seriously disappointed, and I hope my post will be seen by many others who are considering to buy from Deeply so they can make informed decisions.

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06 jan 2021
Deeply adicionou uma resposta

Dear Megumi,

Following the established contacts with our Customer Service, we could consider that the situation is duly clarified / resolved.

Thank you for your comprehension.

Deeply Customer Service

06 jan 2021
Megumi adicionou uma resposta

Hi I did not receive any response regarding the request I made here

18 fev 2021
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