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Fitness Hut - Wrong deducton of direct debt from the bank

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Trevor Dias apresentou a reclamação

Dear Concerned Member,

Good day!

I write this message as a very upset and disappointed customer of Fitness Hut Portugal particularly the Fitness Hut of Almirante reis lisbon.I had been totally enjoying Fitness Hut until this problem had been discovered.

Some Context of the problem :
I joined Fitness Hut, the one mentioned above in Lisbon as my friends told of an offer of 6.99 Euros per Week.I had messaged the(Commerical Director at the gym) that I would like to Join for only 2 weeks at the gym and she said okay to this.( I have proof of the screen shot mentioned.I told her I would like to cancel after that during a personal meeting with her at 15Hrs because I would not be Lisbon and I would be Travelling.(I have the proof for this travelling too).You can also check the GYM of those 2 week after I have not used my PIN to enter the gym or check the cameras that I have visited the gym because I was travelling as I dont live in Portugal,only visited temporary.

As I live in Porto now as an Erasmus student funding myself alone and wanted to register at the Fitness Hut in Trindade,They person incharge told me i could not because I am registered at Lisbon.I said this could not be possible as only paid for 2 weeks there and stopped and it was last year.After that I had also checked my Bank and more money had been taken that i thought because No one informed me that I had to cancel my registration even it being for 2 weeks.I informed this to your staff but she says she did tell me to cancel but this is absolutely not true and also it never mentions on any Email of this process.She knows I do not speak in Portuguese and that why we talk in English.Why would I want my money to be reduced,if I knew off course I would cancel.I have found out only recently that 168 Euros have been cut from my accounts every 14 days because of this.It is difficult as a student to pay for these expenses also.

Offcourse I had asked for a refund as I did not use it becaause it was not my fault,So i thought as a solution of this I asked if it was possible to use the money to Fitness Hut Porto so that I can be a member there and the payment can be transferred but they said no.As someone who was not informed I think I have full right too received my money back.I have decided to not use the name of the staff in this email for thier privacy.

Also because of how upset I was,I decided to cancel my registration completely of all gyms but they told me it would take 30 days.That would mean the 14th of February or 5th March.Why should I be charged this money when I dont even use the facilities of Lisbon anymore let alone for a week? I only used the Gym for 2 weeks and I have to inform 30 days before? this does not make sense.

I have tried to talk all staff and security but No one seems to be providing any helpful solutions.I hope that we can solve this properly and not have other authorities involved and I am very terribly upset with this situation and hoping you can kindle find a solution for this.Please contact me.

Thanks and Regards,

Trevor Jhon Dias

27 Fev 2019
Fitness Hut adicionou uma resposta

Bom dia,

Lamentamos sinceramente que as suas expectativas não tenham sido cumpridas de alguma forma, vamos analisar a situação pedindo que exponha a mesma no clube pessoalmente ou através de para que possamos responder diretamente a sua solicitação

Fitness Hut

16 Jul 2020
Fitness Hut adicionou uma resposta

Caro/a cliente,

Antes de mais, agradecemos a sua comunicação.
No seguimento da mesma, consideramos que a situação já se encontra resolvida, contudo, alguma questão não hesite em contactar-nos.

A equipa Fitness Hut

Esta reclamação foi considerada resolvida pela marca, e aceite pelo utilizador

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