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Intermarché - Rotten nectarines

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ALBERTUS HOLDER apresentou a reclamação

2 weeks ago we were shopping at Intermache in Aljezur. I bought 4 peaches which were quite expensive, about 4,50 per kilogram. When we got home I tried one.....rotten.
The next day I tried another one....rotten again.
I decided to look at the other 2....rotten again. I complained to their head office because I did not feel like driving another 20 km just for this. The head office has yet to reply!!!

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21 jun 2021
Intermarché adicionou uma resposta

We thank you in advance for your contact, which deserved all your attention.
It is the policy of the Musketeers to always provide the best service to their Customers, so we will forward this situation through our Consumer Support Service.
Thanking you in advance for your best understanding.

Intermarché Consumer Support

30 jul 2021
ALBERTUS HOLDER alterou o estado para Resolvida
Esta reclamação foi considerada resolvida

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