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NB Clinic - İnsufficient information regarding fee

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Nur Seçil
Nur Seçil apresentou a reclamação
16 de fevereiro 2024
I contacted NB clinic via Instagram about skin treatment for Fortuna. I made a free appointment for a doctor's evaluation from their clinic. I came to their clinic for an appointment to have a proper evaluation of my skin and to apply the beauty treatment that is suitable for me. My appointment was with NB clinic doctor Taíse. She checked my skin and talked about all the procedures that need to be done with my skin and the most appropriate treatment type and sessions. However, the doctor drew a scenario as if my skin needed a lot of procedures and stated that it would be better to go step by step according to the request. While listing the procedures, just put the price of each procedure in writing. She mentioned it by writing as if it was not very important. She stated that the cost of the biosimulator procedure, which is suitable for my skin, is 450 €. She mentioned that this procedure will help my skin take a tighter shape and contribute to collagen. She stated that this procedure will not be effective in the first session and for a gets good result, it will take at least two or three treatments. She said it should be done in two session.
When I went to the appointment to get information, I realized that the doctor did not mean 450€ for a single session that would be of no use, but that this was the price of a package for at least two sessions. Therefore, I decided to have the procedure done. In fact, when I asked the doctor whether the payment method could be made in installments, she told me that I should contact the reception. I did not check the invoice while paying because I had another urgent appointment and my face was painful due to the injections. When I returned home and examined the invoice, I was shocked to see that the money I paid was only for one session and the price of the one product. . Using the Radiesse product, the doctor painfully injected the product into my face for 15-20 minutes. I thought this procedure would take at least two sessions, but the doctor only wrote in the fee section and gave me incomplete information.
She did not point out that this was not a package price and that I would have to pay separately for each product and session.
In this sense, she misled me.
Moreover, when I researched the product, its price in the market starts from only $135.
And for a session that does not work, their doctor charges €450 for a short procedure of 15-20 minutes. This was defrauding the customer. Even though I reported this to the clinic, the doctor did not take an honest approach and stated that she said to clinic staff that she explained everything to me in a clear and understandable way. Hovewer that's not true.
If everything had been explained clearly and correctly, I would not be at a disadvantage regarding the fee policy and I would not be making this complaint.
I disliked the doctor's dishonest approach and I would not have to ask them refund my money. Or arrange a session with a different doctor with good service.
I regret going to a clinic with low customer satisfaction and empathy skills, and I will not recommend it to anyone.
Please do it necessary investigation about it.
Nur Seçil
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Data de ocorrência: 16 de fevereiro 2024
NB Clinic
16 de fevereiro 2024
Hello nur ! Sorry but we contacted the doctor and she did indeed tell you it was the price for each session, it’s written in all our posts that each the treatment requires more than 1 session. Also before you did the treatment it was indicated to you that it would be more then 1 session. It’s impossible in this clinic or any other that the price of a treatment is under 400€ PER SESSION. Thank you for your attention.
Nur Seçil
16 de fevereiro 2024
Really? Instead of being helpful and finding solutions, you keep saying the same things. Your doctor was not explanatory enough. The price list was not shared with me either. For some reason, since I complained, you are still defending yourself even though you are wrong, as if you had explained the pricing policy correctly to me. eI bought an expensive session that was ineffective and useless. Your doctor was not clear and understandable. I wish there was a camera recording of our meeting with your doctor. I showed you the doctor's written notes, stating that there was missing information, but you are still defending yourself and your doctor because the doctor mentioned it verbally. Shame on you, really
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NB Clinic
16 de fevereiro 2024
Im sorry but the way you threatened the clinic is not acceptable for us as we were always positive about helping and we have message of you saying that you don’t want the same doctor when that’s not even possible because you have to be followed by the same doctor .So if the attitude doesn’t change we cannot help. Specially if there was no clinical mistake. It’s up to you. If you want to resolve this contact us by WhatsApp +351919949999 . But we don’t deal with threats because it’s not fair for us. If you want to solve in a good way we’re more then open . It’s your choice
Nur Seçil
16 de fevereiro 2024
I don't understand why empathy is such a difficult thing. Would you again entrust your body or skin to a hospital or doctor that you are not happy with?
You persistently see me as a solution to surrender my skin to a doctor that I am not happy with. I do not accept this either. I do not like to deal with such a problem in between my work. Your doctor brought me to this situation. I went to your clinic with good intentions for skin care and the results I encountered and your approach are not acceptable to me.
NB Clinic
16 de fevereiro 2024
Excuse me Nur . But empathy is what you’re not having . You’re making a public complain about somehting that is very easily solved without hate. So as we said again : it’s up to you to solve this matter. So if you want empathy you should start by being empathic yourself and stop threatening. We will never move forward with anything unless you talk with kindness towards us
Nur Seçil
16 de fevereiro 2024
You speak without knowing what the word "threat" means, and on top of that, you are approaching a rude attitude. I contacted you and you started not responding and ignored me without offering a solution. You have no right to be disturbed when l make a complaint in a public area...
In order to solve something and reach agreement, you need to offer a solution. What is your solution?
NB Clinic
16 de fevereiro 2024
We have the sames rights you have. It’s up to you. You were very rude to us and we will not accept a intolerant behavior. As I said contact us again for the number we gave and we will see . As long as your complain stays here we won’t help anymore as we see there’s no good intention on your side. When you take it we solve as we always did with anyone who needs. Thank you
Nur Seçil
17 de fevereiro 2024
I do not accept the rude and disrespectful attitude you have shown towards me, and I cannot see a good approach in you as a sign of good will. I really regret coming to your clinic. Not only did I lose my money, but I also received unpleasant treatment.
l will not remove my complaint.
Good evening..
NB Clinic
17 de fevereiro 2024
No problem ! As you prefere! We offered the chance to solve . Thank you ?
Nur Seçil
Nur Seçil avaliou a marca
30 de março 2024

This brand takes a rude approach by questioning the customer's intentions instead of offering solutions to customer issues. I would expect a clinic that provides services in areas that require sensitivity, such as skin health, to be attentive to customer trust and satisfaction and to display a professional and mature approach. l wasted my money for inefficient service.Their unprofessional attitude made the problem unsolvable and the brand unreliable.l wouldn't recommend any friends or my network this brand to wasting their money .

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