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Polícia, Emergência e Bombeiros

Telefone: 214 236 200

Avenida António Augusto de Aguiar, 20
1069-119 LISBOA



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SEF - Inadequate service

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Gunar Hofmann apresentou a reclamação

I complain about the way deals with co-guarantors.
A request by email we could help you will always be answered with the fact that you should call the service to make an appointment. However, the landline number refers to the website and the mobile number does not work at all.
To the point:
In June, I informed myself about where and how I can extend my residence permit.
On the website SEF, the information that this would be easy to do online was Renewal and making an appointment:
But this did not work until the middle of August.
After a request by email and the state of my situation, I received only a short answer, there is no help by email, I should ask for an appointment at the service desk.
None of the telephone numbers work, a note is posted on the website.
But I cannot change anything on the website, because I don't have the given information. Appointments can be made but not before 2 months later.
On a request directly on the spot, at Lisbon, the security referred me to the Administration for Migration of EU Citizens, this is simply a "I am speechless" situation for me.
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