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MPS Customs - Delivery from uk

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Richard Shirley
Richard Shirley apresentou a reclamação
2 de fevereiro 2021
A package containing a TV stick and control is being unreasonably held by Customs since mid January who are claiming a handling fee and VAT of Euro 30. The item is not new and is a free-of-charge gift from my son to enable me to receive English Language TV programs whilst locked down in Portugal. It is clearly a non-commercial transactions and should not be subject to any charges. VAT was paid in UK when originally purchased so no double taxation is appropriate.

In 33 years of owning a holiday home in Portugal I have never come across such bureaucratic and unreasonable behavior. Please explain your legal basis for withholding the package and charging to release it or complete the delivery.
Data de ocorrência: 2 de fevereiro 2021
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