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Polícia, Emergência e Bombeiros

Telefone: 214 236 200

Avenida António Augusto de Aguiar, 20
1069-119 LISBOA



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SEF - Working is a human right

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Karim Romero apresentou a reclamação

A year ago after entering Portuguese territory, I presented my resident application. My husband is Portuguese and we were married in Canada. Little we knew the process of certifying our marriage will take a very surreal time and as you may know, this delay resulted in your office canceling my resident application which left me in the air. Your officers suggested applying to article 88.2 and I proceeded and presented job offer letters and all the documentation the SAPA portal requested. However, this process will take a year or so (2021) and in the meantime, I am still unable to work. the fact that I have a NIF or a financial number doesn't grant me total hiring rights. I have letters from companies that have offered me a contract but are unable to finalize the hiring process because of not having a physical copy of my resident card and neither recognizes the temporary citizen rights we have been recently giving due to the COVID-19 (I even was rejected from working in cleaning because of not having a resident card) I have managed two months ago to start working as a freelancer with green receipts and it is sad to see how there are not enough laws to protect freelancers from not being paid on time or to finalize the payment by the employer adding to that I do not qualified for any covid-19 relief AID even though I was working from March-Dec 2019. This unresolved situation has affected not only my financials but my well being. and not being able to sustain my family continues to be a life-threatening situation. It is a human right to be able to work. A spousal immigration case should not take this long it really puts families in a very vulnerable situation.
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